Our Core Beliefs

Creating your "Financial Flight Plan"

Determining your desired destination and charting the course of your financial flight plan is a challenging process. It is my privilege to come from a family of engineers and pilots. Having been surrounded by military and commercial pilots and those starting the NASA programs of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo one thing is never said prior to getting into an aircraft: “Let’s take off and just see what happens.” Every pilot flies a flight plan prior to departure.

This is true financially as well.

Therefore, it is important that you are comfortable with those you entrust to help you in this journey. Our commitment is built around the highest degree of with mutual trust, respect, integrity, skill and creativity. It is your plan! Not ours. Our relationships with clients have been built over many years to anticipate issues that may occur in their lifetime – our firm has planned for succession in order to see you to and through retirement.

Our goal is to be here when our clients need us.

This is best described by:

Financial Planning is focused on maximizing your wealth from a personal viewpoint; we focus on strategies to help “create more than you consume” from a financial, emotional well- being, personal and spiritual perspective to help live a more balanced life.