Our Company

Our Company

1. Let's chat

(Meeting 1, usually 30 mins. – 1 hour)

Our first “meeting” (call/meeting/virtual meeting) is where we get to know each other to determine if we’re a right fit. We’ll provide you with the details about our business and how we work with folks, and answer questions about us that you might have. More importantly, this is about YOU. What’s important to you, what goals or desires you may have and what you’re trying to accomplish personally or in business. During this conversation we’ll discuss some of your financial information at a high level, and review what, if any, planning you’ve done to date.

After this meeting, we’ll create a custom engagement proposal for you that details the engagement/s we feel would benefit you the most. This will give you the detail of the scope of the work as well as costs, fees and our compensation.

2. Let's agree

(Meeting 2, usually 20 mins. – 30 mins.)

Our second call is a quick review of the engagement proposal where we discuss any questions you may have and provide feedback on the value of each proposed engagement. Here is where we’ll agree to proceed, stay in touch or respectfully part ways.

If we agree to proceed, any financial planning agreements are signed and initial fees collected (where applicable). A follow up email will be sent summarizing your goals, desires and objectives as well as next steps. We’ll also send our data gathering request and document request along with this email. If our engagement is advisory only, no agreements or fees are collected at this time.

3. Let’s get to work

(Meeting 3, approximately 20mins. – 30 mins. This is for Financial Planning engagements only.)

At this point we will have collected all of the information and documents we may need to proceed with your engagement. It’s critical that we are accurate, and therefore we like to review again any updates to your goals/objectives as well as confirm that the financial information we are working with is accurate.

From here, we will perform all or our analysis and modeling to identify any deficiencies or areas of optimization. Once our analysis and modeling is complete we will draft your financial plan.

4. Let’s talk solutions

(Meeting 4, approximately 45 mins.)

During this meeting we review any financial planning, risk management, investment planning, tax planning, savings and estate planning solutions. For financial planning engagements we will walk through the draft plan. If any additional analysis or alternate solutions are required, a follow up meeting to review and discuss will take place.

A summary of prioritized actionable items will be reviewed, and next steps discussed. An email with the action items summary will be sent after the final solutions meeting. For financial planning engagements, a copy of the financial plan will also be delivered as a separate document with this email. We will assist with all areas of implementation that we can help with.

5. Let’s review

(Subsequent meetings, up to 45 mins.)

At least one time per year we will meet or set up a call for an in depth review. We’ll review any planning solutions implemented, and progress over the course of the year as well as provide a detailed analysis of any investment accounts or insurance/annuity products under our management. During this review we’ll want to discuss any changes on your end as well, including any changes to your goals, desires and ambitions. If there is a need for additional solutions or changes to any plans, we’ll set up subsequent meetings to present and discuss.

A summary of our review will be provided.

Please note that we prefer to chat with our investment clients quarterly, and all clients when a major change occurs in their life. We are also happy to chat whenever you need, whenever you need guidance or whenever something pops up that you feel we can provide a valuable opinion on. In short, we’re here for you, feel free to reach out whenever.

Who We Serve

  • Business Owners

  • Executives

  • Settlement Recipients

Features and Benefits

Feature: Real, meaningful relationships

Benefit: A relationship that is professional, but not stuffy. We deeply care about our clients, and prefer a relationship that develops to be more personal in nature.

Feature: A customized financial planning process

Benefit: Helps you really solidify long term goals and mapping out the financial steps necessary to put you in position to achieve those goals. All while analyzing the potential risks that can occur and detriment the plan or achievement of those goals, and taking proper steps to mitigate those risks. This is very qualitative and goals oriented, not just quantitative and asset management oriented. The process also reduces the anxiety of making financial decisions as decisions can be based on financial impact and analysis.

Feature: Clearly communicated recommendations in a concise and understandable way without all of the jargon

Benefit: This helps you to better understand your plan, the steps in the plan and why they are important for achieving long term goals.

Feature: Quarterly reviews

Benefit: Helps us catch up regularly so you're aware of what's going on with your plan, your assets and the financial and insurance instruments utilized in your plan. Also gives us a chance to catch up regularly about any changes on your end and changes on our end. Helps to reaffirm that you are always on our radar, and you and your plan are important to us.

Feature: Monthly-Periodic informative newsletter, email, blog content, etc.

Benefit: Keeps you aware of what's going on in the world of tax and finance and keeps you informed of any changes that may impact you directly such as changes in markets, public policy, monetary policy, tax codes, etc.

Feature: In depth annual reviews

Benefit: Allows us to revisit the financial plan to see how we're tracking toward goals and objectives. Gives us a chance to catch up about any changes on your end. Both will help us determine any potential changes that need to be made to the plan. Gives us time just to catch up in general.

Feature: A network of consultants and professionals that can assist with planning needs

Benefit: A network of attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners to manage and execute other areas of your plan, but allows us to be involved and manage the process which takes the burden of doing so off of you.

Feature: A team that is always accessible

Benefit: If you have any questions, concerns or major changes, Jerry or someone from our team is always available and responsive to help you in times of need. If you're not able to reach us on the first try, someone will be in touch with you within hours of your contact attempt.

Feature: Advanced planning software

Benefit: Allows you the ability to always have a live and current net worth statement, budgeting capabilities and an organized place where all of your accounts are aggregated giving you the ability to have only one place to go for a current snapshot of your assets and liabilities.

Feature: Ongoing policy change analysis

Benefit: Determines how any changes in tax code, congressional amendments or acts, etc. may impact your plan and how we can plan for them and to benefit from them where possible.

Feature: Quarterly portfolio analysis of all investment portfolios

Benefit: Helps to determine that investments are sound and still meeting goals and objectives. Provides active monitoring of all funds, fund news and fund performance to ensure the fund is still the best suited for its position in a portfolio. A way to consistently benchmark funds vs. their peers to ensure funds are always appropriate for your particular portfolio.