For Individuals & Families

1. Let's Chat

(Meeting 1: Usually 30-60 minutes)

In our first meeting – whether it’s done over the phone, in person or virtually – we’ll get to know each other. We’ll provide you with the details about our business, and how we can help hard-working folks like you. We’ll answer all of your questions, and we’ll also ask a lot of questions so we can better understand your unique situation and goals.

After this meeting, if we both feel like we’re a good fit, we’ll create a custom engagement proposal for you that details how we can help, and the strategies we feel would benefit you most. This proposal will have both the scope of work, as well as the fees and compensation you can expect.

Be More Prepared:

  • We’ll ask you some high-level questions about your financial situation.
  • We’ll review what planning, if any, you’ve done to date.
  • We’ll look at how much or how little help you’re seeking from our engagement.
  • We’ll talk about strategies you’ve employed thus far, including your goals and desires for yourself, your family and your business.

2. Let's Agree

(Meeting 2: Usually 20-30 minutes)

If we agree to move forward, any financial planning agreements are signed and initial fees are collected as applicable. We’ll send over a follow-up email summarizing our agreement and goals, as well as next steps, and a data gathering worksheet.

Be More Prepared:

  • Be sure to read through our engagement proposal prior to this call.
  • Know and be ready to speak to how your budget and our engagement fit or don’t fit together.
  • Be prepared to send follow-up assets needed and the filled-out data worksheet soon after this meeting if we agree to proceed.

3. Let’s Get to Work

(Meeting 3: Usually 20-30 minutes)

For Financial Planning Engagements Only

In our third meeting, usually done in-person or by phone, we’ll go over everything you’ve sent us to ensure that it’s all filled out correctly, and to fill in holes as needed. Accuracy is critical to your plan, so we’ll dig into the details during this meeting.

From here, we’ll get started on our analysis and strategy development. We’ll look the total picture and work with your end-goals in mind throughout our plan. Some of the key areas we focus on include financial planning as a whole, risk management, investment planning, tax planning, and savings/estate planning solutions.

Be More Prepared:

  • We’re going to look at key details of your financial picture, such as your income, expenses and assets.

4. Let’s Talk

(Meeting 4: Usually 45 mins.)

In our fourth meeting, we’re going to go over all of our recommendations for you. If any additional analysis or alternate solutions are needed after we chat, we may do a follow-up meeting to review those.

You’ll walk away from this meeting with a prioritized list of action items, and we’ll talk about next steps. For our financial planning clients, we’ll also provide you with a copy of the financial plan as a separate document.

5. Let’s Implement

The big meetings are over, and now it’s time to employ the tailored strategies we’ve outlined for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing assistance and one-on-one advice whenever necessary. During this time, we’ll also assist as needed with third-party professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, property/casualty agents, or mortgage professionals to coordinate implementation.

6. Let’s Review

(Ongoing Meetings: Up to 45 mins.)

At least once a year, we’ll meet in-person or over the phone for an in-depth review. We’ll look at all of your planning solutions that have been implemented, and any progress that’s been made over the year. We’ll also provide a detailed analysis of any investment accounts or insurance/annuity accounts that we handle for you. We’ll discuss any life changes that may affect your plan, including any changes to your goals, desires and ambitions. If we need to make any large changes to the plan, we’ll set up subsequent meetings to discuss your options. For our investment clients, we prefer to have these meetings quarterly, and any time a major life change happens.

After these meetings, we’ll provide a summary of what we discussed. We’re also happy to chat on an as-needed basis, whenever you need guidance or if something pops up that we may be able to provide a valuable opinion on. In short, we’re here for you, whenever you need us.