Benefits to You

We are passionate about providing value to our clients in everything that we do. The below list details the benefits you get when you work with Luna Financial Group.

I. Real, Meaningful Relationships

Client/Advisor relationships are at the core of everything we do, and while we keep it professional, we also don’t want to be stuffy. We deeply care about the well-being of our clients and prefer a relationship that is more personal in nature.

II. A Customized Financial Planning Process

Our holistic planning process is designed to help our clients solidify their long-term goals, map the steps necessary to achieve them, and analyze and mitigate the risks or detriments along the way. Our process focuses on the qualitative and the quantitative. The qualitative is what’s truly important, the quantitative is just a means to get you there.

III. Clear & Easy-to-Digest Recommendations

Our clients benefit from being able to understand the strategies we employ through our educational approach. We remove the jargon to explain concepts and our recommendations in simple terms which enables clients to make wise, well-informed decisions.

IV.Quarterly & Annual Reviews

Quarterly meetings help us to catch up on the plan and investments, and they help us to catch up with the person behind the plan, allowing us to adjust our strategies seamlessly. Our annual reviews are more in-depth and focused on ensuring we’re still on the right path for long-term success.

V. Thought Leadership

Through our periodic newsletters, emails and blogs we keep our clients apprised of relevant topics and what may be impactful for them. We often send out pieces related to the markets, public policy, monetary policy, tax-code changes, and more.

VI. Exclusive Access to a Broad Network of Resources

Our clients enjoy unique access to a wide variety of attorneys, CPAs and other professionals. We leverage the expertise of these resources, ensuring we always have the right people at the table and that everyone is working together harmoniously toward common goals.

VII. A Team That is Always Accessible

Whenever a client has questions, concerns, or experiences a major change, they know that they can reach us quickly and easily. Even if we’re not available at the exact moment they reach out, they can rest assured that they’ll hear back from us in a timely manner.

VIII. On-the-Go Account Tracking

With access to Eagles financial planning software, our clients have the ability to access their current net-worth statement, budgets, and accounts; all aggregated into one place and available whenever they are.

IX. Quarterly Analysis of All Investment Portfolios

Every few months, we analyze our clients’ investments to make sure they are sound and still meeting their goals and objectives. We provide active monitoring of all funds to ensure they are still the best suited for their position in the portfolio.